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Colors of the Rainbow: All at Passion Flower Beauty

Eyeshadow is my passion. When I first moved to Richmond, Virginia, years ago, I told myself that I would follow my passion. I found a lot of distributors and I started making eyeshadows. That was on July 4th, 2014. Here is it, 2018, June 16th. Making eyeshadow is still a passion of mine, but I have branched out a bit. I am happy to say that Passion Flower Beauty has much more than just eyeshadows now. We have grown tremendously and that is with the help of my faithful customers.

Let’s talk about eyeshadow though. Let’s talk colors. Our website currently has over 95 colors of eyeshadows! Yes! That’s right! Why so many colors? Well, I love color. If I love it and want to wear it, why wouldn’t my customers?! Here’s a brief idea of the color choices: the galaxy collection, the scandalous collection, mermaid collection, and the unicorn collection. We pride ourselves in having beautiful and bright colors for all of our fans! Some of our favorites are: Green Machine, Teal Me In, and Satin Bronze.

When it comes to Passion Flower Beauty, we value the opinions of our customers. All of our eyeshadows are all-natural and never tested on anyone, but us! Check out all of our exciting colors at



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Hey Muggles! Find your witches and wizards goodies at PFB!


Passion Flower Beauty is proud to present our newest line of soaps, shower steamers, lotions, and eyeshadows. The Witches and Wizards Collection! Inspired by some of our favorite things. The Black Cat soap, lotion, and shower steamers are made with patchouli, black pepper, and vanilla essential oils. The combination of these smells is incredible and the black pepper really adds some “pop” to  the vanilla and patchouli.


Hermonie’s Spell is our newest soap in the Witches and Wizards Collection. It  is a gold, sparkling soap that has the scent of Nag Champa. It is quite a calming soap and made with all-natural ingredients.

All of these items on the website now and ready to be sent to you to enjoy.

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Creating A Skin Care Routine


When I was younger, my skin care routine consisted of washing my face in the shower with soap and a wash cloth. I never had acne and I was blessed with porcelain skin that was soft and worry free. Then I began to age and try new products. In my teenage years, I discover cosmetics and lotions. I also found out what exfoliating was and that I should be doing it. I put a lot of stress on my skin and it began to show. I started breaking out in hives and rashes from all of the products that I was using. I realized that my skin was fragile and I was not doing the right things to it. I clearly needed a new skin care routine. Now that I am approaching 40 years old, I have changed it again. How do you know what type of skin care routine you need? Here are some tips for women who are new at this.

What is your skin type?

When of the first things that you need to do before starting this routine is being aware of what type of skin you have. There are quite a few and you are bound to fit into one of these categories.

Normal, Oily, Dry, and Combination are all skin types. No matter what type of skin you have, there is always a chance that you may have very sensitive skin. This is also important to know when you are about to start a new skin care routine. If you have discovered that your skin is allergic to a specific product, try to find out what ingredient it is allergic to. This will help you to decide what to try as part of your new skin care routine.

Once you have your products, it’s time to start taking better care of your skin!

Here is what your daily routine should look like:


Apply a cleanser as soon as you wake up. This will help get all of the residue off of your face from the night before.

Use a toner to help balance out your skin after you have cleaned it.

Apply a moisturizer as soon as the toner dries.

Apply sunscreen to your face to keep it protect everyday. I apply sunscreen 3 to 5 times a day because of my higher elevation and I teach preschool and we are always outside!


Night time Routine:

Remove all of your make-up with a gentle cleanser.

Make sure that you exfoliate. Make sure it is gentle on your skin.

Apply the toner.

Lastly, apply your acne or anti-aging night time treatments. It is never too late to start on the anti-aging creams!

If you are looking for even more help with your skin care routine, be sure to log into Personal Beauty & Wellness. The professionals that they have on board are ready to help you to get your skin soft and beautiful. There are many professionals that can help you with your skin care routine and you can call on them today!

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The Powers of Citrus


Recently, I have started to make a lot more of my products with citrus essential oils. The shower steamers that I have make me wake up in the morning and put me in a great mood all day! So what is it about citrus fruit that is so good for our energy levels and our souls?

Citrus oils have the power to wake us up and give us that energy that we need in the morning! The aroma is not only sweet, but also invigorating. These oils can be used in the laundry to help your clothes smell refreshing. Citrus oils can also alleviate some of your stress. By using products with orange and lime, you can brighten your spirits in no time at all!

If you are looking for some amazing citrus products, check out

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2017: New Year, New Products

The new year will bring many changes to people’s lives and that means Passion Flower Beauty as well. We have been testing quite a few products since we opened our online store in 2014. As we go into our third year of business, we have had some ups and some downs. We have had amazing reviews and we have had some terrible reviews. We see this as a learning process, and with every new product we make and try, we have seen our company grow and change.


Many of our loyal customers do not want to see us change very  much. Not to worry, we won’t be changing too much. We will be adding some new products and making some of our older products much better. We will be introducing new eyeshadow colors and a lot more mattes for those who have asked and been so patient. We will add more sparkle. We will add new scents in lotions and build more and more stock in the ones that have become incredibly popular.

We will introduce more and more bath bombs and we have teamed up with some great companies to bring goat’s milk soaps and all-natural foundation. The West Farm Goats will deliver us some great soaps at the same great price. The RAW company will be making foundation and concealer for us as well.

Things are really looking up in the future and it is very close. Thank you for sticking with us for all of this. We are so happy to call you all our customers and friends. Check out all of our current products now at


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The World of Cosmetics

Why do women love to wear make-up? And why do we insist on spending so much money on them? Before I started making my own make-up, I had to buy the Too Faced or Bare Minerals brands. Did I buy them solely for the name or are the products actually really good? I do like the products, but that was before I was so concerned with what the ingredients do to my skin. After reading the ingredients, I knew I had to use better products for my skin. Even Bare Minerals has some ingredients that I do not use or agree with. That is when I discovered the world of natural and organic cosmetics.

makeup1In a recent study, done by Shine Magazine, a woman will spend over $15,000 on cosmetics in her life time. Women spend so much money on cosmetics, so why can’t we spend it on the products that we know won’t hurt our skin in the long run. I personally will apply coconut oil to my face every morning in order to keep it looking its best while other women will use creams and lotions that are full of chemicals and who knows what damage is being done internally from those. We must make a conscious effort to take care of our skin if we are going to use these products.

By checking the ingredients on your products, you can get a better idea if they are harming you or not. Never be afraid to use Google or another search engine to look up what these ingredients are made out of. You never know what you are putting on your skin or in your body unless you check.


The world of cosmetics is one that makes a huge amount of money each year. If you want to contribute to that, I suggest you choose products that are good for your skin as opposed to the ones that are not. If you ever have questions about what Passion Flower Beauty puts in our products, we are always here to answer them. Our ingredients are open and publi knowledge, we have nothing to hide 🙂