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Daily Goodie Box Returns

I was given the great pleasure to review the July version of the Daily Goodie Box. There were quite a few products in here that I was very excited to try! Let’s get started:

Palo Popcorn – Premium Cheddar Cheese: I was expecting this to be tasteless or taste like your run of the mill “diet food”… I was wrong. It was delicious! I do not eat popcorn often, but I could feel great about eating this as a snack.
Natural Vitality – Natural Calm Anti-Stress Drink: I love this brand in general and it was great to see some samples from them. I really enjoyed this drink and it came in quite a few flavors.
Balla For Men – Tingle Formula Body Powder: My husband really liked this powder. He generally does not use this type of stuff, but he did for the review. He was happy with it.
Davidson’s Organics – Coconut Vanilla Dessert Tea: I love tea and it was so great to see some tea in the goodie box this month! So tasty!!!
FlapJacked – ┬áMilk Chocolate Protein Smoothie Mix: I drink quite a few smoothies and now I have one that I can turn to on a daily basis. No need for the blender..
Detox Water – Mangaloe (Mango): I cannot say how much I love this! I want to go to the store and buy it now! It was so delicious ( I love Mango) and refreshing.
Watusee Foods – Organic Chickpeatos: This is the one thing is this month’s box that I did not enjoy. The texture was very odd to me and they were very dry. Just not something I like.
Goddess Garden – Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lip Balm: I love anything from this brand and I was so happy to get a lip balm! I love the orange vanilla flavor!
Honey Stinger – Cran-Apple & Walnut Snack Bar: YUMMY!! I want more! These were the right flavor with the right amount of nutrients too.
Curoxen – First Aid Ointment: This is a great product and I am glad that I have a little extra for those cuts I always seem to get.