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Great Products Through the Mail


Daily Goodie Box is a company that we have been enjoying for a few months now. The boxes are filled with some of the best goodies that you can find! As a subscription box company, this one has kind employees and excellent customer service. What we really enjoy about this company is that they actually listen to their customers. They make changes based on the reviews and suggestions of those who are trying the boxes. Here are the products that we received in the April box and what we thought of them.

Goddess Garden – Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion:

We absolutely love this product! It goes so well with our beliefs about all-natural and organic beauty. This sunscreen smells amazing, probably because of the lavender oils that it is made with. It protects very well in the sun and goes on smooth with no hassle! We would recommend this product to anyone!

Adāmia – Therapeutic Repair Lotion:
This is one of the best lotions that we have tried. It works so great on handles that are dry and chapped. Great for those who work outside and need some relief.

#MPWR Skincare – Zip, Zap, Gone! Spot Treatment Sticks:
Unlike most treatment sticks, this one did not have a terrible smell. It works really great and we would buy this one again!

DudeProducts – Quick DUDE Shower Wipes:
Great idea for a product. The husband absolutely loves them! I could see these being used on camping or rafting trips.

Detox Water – Lychee & White Grape:
This water was very tasty and made us feel very alive and healthy!!

Slurpee – Slurpee Cotton Candy:

No one here is really a candy fan, so this was not our favorite part of the box. Just not something we like.

EBOOST – Strawberry Kiwi Energy Powder: Nice boost to add to water! Tasty too!

Bakery On Main – Bunches of Crunches:
So tasty! Didn’t feel as if we were eating chocolate at all. Felt great to eat something so tasty!! and healthy!

Peanut Butter & Co – Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter:
Not bad, but again, just not our thing. The flavor wasn’t that bad. We are just weird about some textures.

Overall, this April Goodie Box is the best one yet! They just keep getting better!!!