Using Essential Oils in Products



When I first began this company, there was quite a lot that I did not know about essential oils. After I added lavender to my first lotion, I learned very quickly that when adding them to any of my products, I had to take special precautions if I wanted anyone with sensitive skin to be able to use them….i.e..Myself, first and foremost. Needless to say, that batch gave me a terrible chemical burn that I will never ever forget!

That being said, I wanted to share with all of you the best ways to use essential oils in your daily routine. Remember, they are not made for everyone and each body is extremely different.

You should never put drops of essential oils by themselves in your bath. Most essential oils do not dilute very easily in water, so it is important that you add a carrier oil to them beforehand. Carrier oils can be anything like almond oil, grape seed oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

If you are someone who loves to hang out in the sun, be very careful with the oils that you use on your skin. There are a few that will really do some damage to your skin when exposed to bright sun. Most citrus oils, grapefruit, and bergamot can cause major burning if they are exposed to sunlight. The same thing goes for those who sit in tanning beds. Watch the types of lotions and oils your use before going into the sun.

There is a lot to learn about essential oils and be sure that if you are not aware of how to use them, ask or do your research!