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2017: New Year, New Products

The new year will bring many changes to people’s lives and that means Passion Flower Beauty as well. We have been testing quite a few products since we opened our online store in 2014. As we go into our third year of business, we have had some ups and some downs. We have had amazing reviews and we have had some terrible reviews. We see this as a learning process, and with every new product we make and try, we have seen our company grow and change.


Many of our loyal customers do not want to see us change very  much. Not to worry, we won’t be changing too much. We will be adding some new products and making some of our older products much better. We will be introducing new eyeshadow colors and a lot more mattes for those who have asked and been so patient. We will add more sparkle. We will add new scents in lotions and build more and more stock in the ones that have become incredibly popular.

We will introduce more and more bath bombs and we have teamed up with some great companies to bring goat’s milk soaps and all-natural foundation. The West Farm Goats will deliver us some great soaps at the same great price. The RAW company will be making foundation and concealer for us as well.

Things are really looking up in the future and it is very close. Thank you for sticking with us for all of this. We are so happy to call you all our customers and friends. Check out all of our current products now at


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