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Wanna be a Natural Beauty? Here’s how!

People say that beauty is the eye of the beholder, and also one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes. What do you consider beautiful? Do you consider yourself a natural beauty? If not, are you trying to become a natural beauty? You can do it and there are ways that we can help! Not only by selling you our awesome products, but also by helping you walk through the steps. It is possible to be a natural beauty both inside and out.


Drop the chemicals from your daily skin cleanser cycle. These chemicals may help you look younger and more vibrant, but there are natural products that can do the same for you. Try putting coconut oil on your face when you wake up and when you go to sleep. If you are trying to get rid of those dark circles under your eyes, there are coffee lotions and masks that will help wake up your skin. You can even use things that are in your kitchen.

Grapes! Yes, grapes can actually help your skin to become more radiant. By cutting grapes in half and rubbing them on your skin, the acid will help to exfoliate your face. If you are trying to get rid of acne of blemishes, try using tea tree oil. It is an anti-inflammatory and cleanser. If you have skin tags, applying it to them 4-5 times a day will cause them to simply fall off. (Yes, we have tried this)

If you are looking for great ways to moisturize your skin, try black tea and rice cream. This combination can make your skin look and feel years younger. It is made with the best all-natural products so what’s not to love.

As the year comes to a close, remember to take care of yourself on the inside and on the outside. You will feel so much better as you bring in the new year. Happy 2017 everyone! Thanks for reading!!


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2017: New Year, New Products

The new year will bring many changes to people’s lives and that means Passion Flower Beauty as well. We have been testing quite a few products since we opened our online store in 2014. As we go into our third year of business, we have had some ups and some downs. We have had amazing reviews and we have had some terrible reviews. We see this as a learning process, and with every new product we make and try, we have seen our company grow and change.


Many of our loyal customers do not want to see us change very  much. Not to worry, we won’t be changing too much. We will be adding some new products and making some of our older products much better. We will be introducing new eyeshadow colors and a lot more mattes for those who have asked and been so patient. We will add more sparkle. We will add new scents in lotions and build more and more stock in the ones that have become incredibly popular.

We will introduce more and more bath bombs and we have teamed up with some great companies to bring goat’s milk soaps and all-natural foundation. The West Farm Goats will deliver us some great soaps at the same great price. The RAW company will be making foundation and concealer for us as well.

Things are really looking up in the future and it is very close. Thank you for sticking with us for all of this. We are so happy to call you all our customers and friends. Check out all of our current products now at


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Natural Beauty Tips

Natural beauty is growing all around us. We have all discovered how bad the ingredients in most of our products are. Did you know that there are actually things in your home that you can use on your skin? You would be surprised on what you can use that is in your kitchen or bathroom already.

Many people cook with Apple Cider Vinegar. It is one of those household items that can actually do a lot for you. By applying it to your skin, you can actually make a great toner out of it. It may not have the best smell in the world, but it will make your skin feel great. If you add some honey to it, you can make a face mask that is out of this world!


Did you know that if you drink Collagen Protein drinks you can build your skin cells from the inside out? This protein will help to repair your body’s connective tissues. If you want to cover up the taste a little more, try adding it to your favorite strawberry mango smoothie.

When you are out plant shopping, look for the ones that can actually help to heal your skin. Yes, plants can heal your skin. There is a reason that our grandmothers and great grandmothers loved to have house plants and herbs around. They knew what was up. Basil and chamomile can actually help your skin to clear up. Why not add them to your home? Plus house plants will bring oxygen into your home which is always good for you.


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Your Favorite Oils

What is your favorite oil and why? We have quite a few that we would like to share in hopes that you discover one that you have yet to use. By oils, we mean your carrier oils. What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are derived from vegetables generally and many people use them with essential oils to dilute them and make them safer to apply to the skin. Carrier oils are generally odorless and can help make your skin feel great. There are quite a few carrier oils that you can use with essential oils.


Our favorite is coconut oil. You can use it for everything! Put it on your skin, cook with it, and use it as a carrier oil. Coconut oil does have a distinct smell, unlike most of the other carriers. It helps to leave the skin so soft and feeling great all day long. Use it in the morning to give your skin a nice glow and keep it moisturized all day.

Grapeseed Oil is another carrier that can leave your skin feeling very soft. It doesn’t last quite as long as coconut oil, but many users love the way it feels on their skin and how well it works with essential oils. It works great with massages too.

Sweet Almond Oil is a popular carrier oil because of how it is rich in Vitamin E. It absorbs really quickly and users like it because the oily feeling on the skin goes away very quickly. Much like coconut oil, it has many different uses and is known as one of the all purpose carrier oils.


What do you like to do with your carrier oils? Got any great recipes that you would like to share? Passion Flower Beauty uses quite a few of these in our products so you can be sure we are using the finest ingredients.

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Reasons to Choose Natural Products

Your body is important so what you put in it should be just as important as what you put on it. The cosmetics industry has finally discovered that more and more women are turning to natural products. That industry alone brings in about $160 billion a year! That is a huge number and just think of how many of those women are not buying natural items. There are plenty of reasons that you should choose natural items.

One of these reasons is because your skin and body will actually take in the products that are put on them. Most doctors and scientists say that up to 60% of the products we put on our bodies ends up in our bloodstream. Lipsticks and lip glosses do get ingested into our mouths so why would we choose one that is filled with chemicals? If we stay with plant-based products, the odds of being infected with an illness because of these chemicals is much lower.

Many women have started to turn to natural products because they do not contain chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. This is huge for a lot of women. They are also scared of how these chemicals will affect their unborn children. These are all great reasons to start using natural cosmetics and products. In the long run, isn’t it all about your body and health?



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The World of Cosmetics

Why do women love to wear make-up? And why do we insist on spending so much money on them? Before I started making my own make-up, I had to buy the Too Faced or Bare Minerals brands. Did I buy them solely for the name or are the products actually really good? I do like the products, but that was before I was so concerned with what the ingredients do to my skin. After reading the ingredients, I knew I had to use better products for my skin. Even Bare Minerals has some ingredients that I do not use or agree with. That is when I discovered the world of natural and organic cosmetics.

makeup1In a recent study, done by Shine Magazine, a woman will spend over $15,000 on cosmetics in her life time. Women spend so much money on cosmetics, so why can’t we spend it on the products that we know won’t hurt our skin in the long run. I personally will apply coconut oil to my face every morning in order to keep it looking its best while other women will use creams and lotions that are full of chemicals and who knows what damage is being done internally from those. We must make a conscious effort to take care of our skin if we are going to use these products.

By checking the ingredients on your products, you can get a better idea if they are harming you or not. Never be afraid to use Google or another search engine to look up what these ingredients are made out of. You never know what you are putting on your skin or in your body unless you check.


The world of cosmetics is one that makes a huge amount of money each year. If you want to contribute to that, I suggest you choose products that are good for your skin as opposed to the ones that are not. If you ever have questions about what Passion Flower Beauty puts in our products, we are always here to answer them. Our ingredients are open and publi knowledge, we have nothing to hide 🙂


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Lotions with Love

Nag Champa has been one of the most popular lotions that I have been selling lately. Why do people love the scent so much? I know that it reminds me of the times I had in college. Sounds cliche, I know, but that fragrance takes me to a place that is comfortable and wonderful for me. A time when I was discovering myself and my interests. It made me what I am today. This scent means something to everyone and it goes back to the Indian culture.

images  In India, Nag Champa has been used in soaps, lotions, and incense for thousands of years. This scent is made from an evergreen, rain forest tree and champa flowers. It has been used in India during meditation to help relax the mind and the body. Relaxation is the main reason that people all over the world love this scent.

It has many more benefits. For instance, when it is applied to the skin, it can be used as an insect repellent, an antiseptic, and an anti-fungal agent. Many people will diffuse the oils of Nag Champa to help with their liver and kidneys.

All in all, I really love the scent and how it makes me feel. Relaxed and ready to take on any new projects or make new products.


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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


PeaceTree Organix has joined forces to not only support the environment, but also support the display and storage of Passion Flower Beauty products. These petite crates are truly one-of-a-kind and made with recycled, vintage wine boxes. These crates are custom designed to be filled with our lotions, soaps, and bath bombs and make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

We are incredibly proud to be teaming up with PeaceTree Organix and to share their beautiful products. To purchase these mini crate gift packs, jump onto

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Gluten-Free Makeup?

There have been so many of my friends laughing that I put “gluten-free” on a lot of my new labels. Yes, I do have a sense of humor and no, it is not to poke fun at people. I personally had to switch to a gluten-free diet so I know how tough it is. I want all of my shoppers to know that when I say something is all-natural or gluten-free, I mean it. (Even if it does involve my twisted sense of humor) I make all of my new mascaras with the best and finest ingredients for all of my customers who want those ingredients. I know that I am allergic to practically everything under the sun and these mascaras do not irritate me like some.


What’s in my mascaras? Love and light! And a lot of great stuff!! My mascaras are made with 85% organic ingredients and conditioning oils and organics. They are extremely waterproof and they will not irritate your eyes. They make me happy and make my lashes look fabulous.

Mascara has been very tough to make, but I think that everyone will love the outcome. I know that I do.