What Are Mica Powders?

Many of my customers will ask me what exactly mica powders are. Many of these ladies have trouble with allergies and that’s why they generally cannot wear a lot of eye make-up. I also had this problem and that is why I began making my own. I am pretty much allergic to everything that goes on the face and skin, so I knew it was time for me to experiment more…..So….

Mica powders are naturally occurring mineral dusts, in a nutshell. They are coloring agents used in many cosmetics and soaps. You should never eat them or put them straight into your eye. That seems like common sense, but you never know…. BerryManilow

So basically the mica powders that we use for our eye shadows are all-natural and organic. Our distributors send them to us and we make these amazing colors that you have seen on our website.


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